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Has small wind’s time come?

Hybrid wind and solar or wind and diesel systems are proving popular.

The U.S. market is prospering, and certification of small wind turbines is beginning Should you install a small wind system for a building or development? In some cases, this alternative energy system is starting to make sense. The U.S. market for small wind energy systems is prospering. According to an American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) […]

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Small wind, big breakthrough

SWCC has started the certification process for small wind turbines.

Small Wind Certification Council has begun certifying small wind turbines.

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Boston Museum of Science mounts nation’s first rooftop Wind Turbine Lab


Boston Museum of Science tests five different types of roof-installed wind turbines.

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Pearl River tower design integrates wind turbines


Pearl River Tower incorporates wind turbines, sustainable design.

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MGE’s urban turbine

The wind turbine at McKee Park.

Wind turbine in park enables the city of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, to study the technology.

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Cincinnati Zoo using wind power to go green

The Cincinnati Zoo has installed a 30-foot wind turbine.

Cincinnati Zoo installs wind turbine.

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