Sustainable Solutions Corporation launches GreenCircle™ Certification

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Sustainable Solutions Corporation, a leading provider of corporate sustainability programs, training and green design, has launched the GreenCircle™ Certification System, an independent, third-party certification that will help organizations, particularly construction-based companies, meet sustainability goals and increase competitive advantage.

The GreenCircle Certification System substantiates sustainability claims in the following areas: recycled content, rapidly renewable resource content, closed loop product, sustainable manufacturing practices, life cycle assessment optimized, carbon footprint reduction and renewable energy use.

“Over the past year, two significant developments have put sustainability at the forefront of the corporate mindset for 2010:  Executive Order 13514 and the Wal-Mart Sustainability Index,” said Tad Radzinski, President of Sustainable Solutions Corporation.  “Forward-thinking companies know that in order to stay competitive, it’s critically important to implement sustainable business practices across the board, from product design to internal processes and operations lifecycle. GreenCircle Certification will help guide and substantiate those businesses that want to keep up with the market demand for sustainable products.”

The GreenCircle Certification System can be applied to any organization to validate sustainability, and it includes a detailed evaluation of an organization’s product, process or operation including manufacturing facility audits. The evaluation can also be based on completion of a product life cycle assessment.

By issuing a GreenCircle Certification, Sustainable Solutions Corporation demonstrates that it has evaluated and verified the information provided by the Organization and that, based on the information received by SSC, the Company is capable of, and consistently produces, a product that is in compliance with their sustainability claim. By applying the GreenCircle Certification Mark to a product, the Organization warrants that the product or operation meets all relevant requirements of the GreenCircle Certification System for the claim.

More information about GreenCircle Certification is available online at or by calling 610-569-1047 or via email at

About Sustainable Solutions Corporation

Founded in 2001, Sustainable Solutions Corporation provides comprehensive green building and sustainable development services to corporations, manufacturers and property owners. Headquartered in Royersford, Pa., SSC provides a unique set of skills and methodologies to help clients meet sustainability goals and gain competitive advantage while reducing environmental impact. SSC’s service offerings include:  Green Building and Sustainability Training, Development and Implementation of Sustainability Programs, Sustainable Buildings and Operations, LEED and ENERGY STAR Certification Services, Integrated Green Building Design, and Renewable Energy Systems.

Sustainable Solutions Corporation’s services, training and practical solutions have been implemented in businesses and organizations across a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from small government offices to Fortune 500 companies.

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