Our cars’ electric future

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Electric Cars are hotter than ever, and they might end up being cheaper than their gas-powered competitors.

ford-focus-electricThe Honda Fit EV is currently the cheapest $37,000 car in history, with other competitors being the Nissan Leaf, the Fiat 500e, the Chevrolet Spark and the Ford Focus EV (shown here). If you’re looking for efficiency and good looks, the Tesla has become quite the commodity, having outsold a number of luxury sedan models for this year in spite of its hefty starting price of just over $100,000. In May we reached a milestone with the 100,000th purchase of an electric vehicle in the U.S. The goal now is to boost consumer demand/sales, which will hopefully spur research and development to further lower the cost of the technology production.

Of course with an electric vehicle comes the need for a charging station for your vehicle, and Bosch recently announced it’s going into production of those necessary stations. Only compatible with the Nissan and Chevy models of the EV as of now, Bosch’s wireless, portable charging station consists of a parking pad that sets the owner back $3,000 in installation costs alone. However, cities around the nation have built charging stations, with San Francisco as an example of a city with over 100 charging stations. All things considered, the electric car may become the way of transportation for the future.

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