MGE’s urban turbine

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The vertical axis wind turbine was installed in 2008 at McKee Farms Park.

Madison Gas and Electric installed a vertical axis wind machine in late fall 2008 in Fitchburg’s McKee Park to study whether this technology holds promise for electricity generation in its urban area.  Although this was a new technology for Wisconsin, urban wind turbine technology has seen more than 25 years of operation in Europe and other continents.

The 3-foot-wide by 12-foot-tall, 10-kW urbine turbine is installed atop a 30-foot pole ext to the parking lot by the main park shelter. The unit starts producing energy at a wind speed of 4 mph and makes full power at 35 mph.

The wind turbine at McKee Park.

Turbine features:

  • Quiet operation
  • Vanes do not gather snow or ice while rotating
  • Wildlife see it; are less likely to fly into it
  • Manufactured in Finland by Oy Windside Production Ltd.
  • Costs about $40,000

Over the next several years, MGE will monitor the urban turbine’s wind production. Check out the turnbine’s live data reporting.

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