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Connections between personal health and health of the world


This discussion-based program examines connections between personal health and the health of the environment, and how we can sustain both.

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New challenge to schools: change your footprint

Zerofootprint challenges schools around the world to change their environmental footprint.

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Say good-bye to incandescents by 2014


Bye-bye: Traditional lightbulbs will be phased out beginning in 2012.

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ICFA winners showcase use of Insulating Concrete Forms

Carleton College dorms were awarded gold for ICF use and sustainability.

ICFA honors 15 projects

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Bike shelters assist in LEED certification


Bike shelters can help in getting LEED certified.

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Loyola University’s groundbreaking digital library exceeds energy saving expectations


High-tech information in ‘mixed mode’ buildin

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Blue top color for recycling containers


More people prefer blue for recycling containers than gray or green

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Why build a rooftop garden

Green roofs are gaining in popularity. North Americans added some 3.1 million square feet of them to their buildings in 2008 alone -  up 35 percent from 2007. Pictured: a rooftop garden in the Pine Market section of Seattle. Photo by Ruth Rogers, courtesy Flickr.

Rooftop gardens are becoming more popular every year.

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