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Green Magazine July 2010


Innovative Lighting, What’s New in Lightbulbs, 10 Strategies for a successful Green Building Project

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10 Strategies that can make or break your green project


10 strategies for green building success

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LED lighting from 6-watt solar panel


Small wonder.

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Mathias Gmachl design with Surelight


Fantastic light show with LEDs

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Interactive LED Coffee Table


Check out this interactive coffee table:

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New book investigates why people live off-grid

Off the Grid, by Nick Rosen

Nick Rosen meets folks who live off-grid in his new book, Off the Grid.

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Blue top color for recycling containers


More people prefer blue for recycling containers than gray or green

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Why build a rooftop garden

Green roofs are gaining in popularity. North Americans added some 3.1 million square feet of them to their buildings in 2008 alone -  up 35 percent from 2007. Pictured: a rooftop garden in the Pine Market section of Seattle. Photo by Ruth Rogers, courtesy Flickr.

Rooftop gardens are becoming more popular every year.

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