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Recycled fly ash: is it hazardous to our health?


Is recycled fly ash hazardous?

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ICFA winners showcase use of Insulating Concrete Forms

Carleton College dorms were awarded gold for ICF use and sustainability.

ICFA honors 15 projects

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Bike shelters assist in LEED certification


Bike shelters can help in getting LEED certified.

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This ‘grass’ is always greener

Modern artificial turf

Artificial turf is becoming the “go to” choice on commercial and residential products.

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Reducing concrete’s carbon footprint: The Silo Eco-Home and some other high-tech solutions


The Silo Eco-Home in Greensburg, Kansas, showcases building with concrete.

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Pervious Concrete Pavements

Pervious Concrete Pavement

An introduction to pervious concrete pavements

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Free Concrete Homes Catalog available for download


Catalog on benefits of concrete homes

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Concrete Forms Construction of Reinforced Concrete Walls

Building a house with reinforced concrete walls.

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