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Gardens of learning


The Kitchen [Community] was founded in 2011 as the philanthropic arm of The Kitchen restaurants in Boulder, Colorado. Their mission is to create Learning Gardens in schools and community centers across the country. There are currently 92 Learning Gardens in total throughout Colorado, Illinois, California, Arkansas, Massachusetts and South Dakota. The goal for 2013 is […]

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Hydrogen comeback


Having lost momentum years ago, the hydrogen car seems to have come a long way, with sales projected to begin taking place in 2015. The cost of production has drastically decreased, and new models are estimated to be priced between $50,000 and $100,000. Toyota is currently testing a fleet of hydrogen-based Highlander models, with Hyundai […]

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Our cars’ electric future


Electric Cars are hotter than ever, and they might end up being cheaper than their gas-powered competitors. The Honda Fit EV is currently the cheapest $37,000 car in history, with other competitors being the Nissan Leaf, the Fiat 500e, the Chevrolet Spark and the Ford Focus EV (shown here). If you’re looking for efficiency and […]

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Seven electric vehicles worth a look


As the network of charging systems for electric cars continues to improve, drivers are finally seeing legitimate options for plug-in vehicles. Driving 100% gasoline-free may be in our near future–in fact, it may be time to start checking out what’s available in electric vehicles. Read about seven electric vehicles that offer outstanding city mileage on a […]

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‘Greenest’ TV yet


The greenest TV yet has been introduced in Europe by Philips. The 42-inch Econova LED TV consumes 40 watts in eco-mode, uses a solar remote control, and has a partly recycled aluminum stand. It features a Zero Power Switch, which reduces power consumption to 0W when the TV is turned off. Its on-board battery is recharged by […]

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Solar flight takes off


Solar Impulse, the group whose goal is to fly an airplane around the world propelled solely by solar energy, has proven that night flight using solar energy stored in batteries in possible. On July 7, 2010, just before 7 in the morning, the prototype Solar Impulse HB-SIA took off from Payerne military airfield for a […]

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20 cities honored for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Pittsburgh achieved Milestone Five for monitoring and verifying the results of its efforts to reduce GHG emissions. (Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce)

These cities and counties achieved milestones set by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability USA

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Connections between personal health and health of the world


This discussion-based program examines connections between personal health and the health of the environment, and how we can sustain both.

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