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Separation of food and waste

SF waste bins

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated recently that separation of food waste from other refuse could be required of residents in just a few years. Despite the city’s high density and vertical architecture, the Bloomberg administration has come up with a plan to begin collecting precisely 100,000 tons of composted foods per year. Presently, NYC buries […]

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Plastic or paper? No thanks


Plastic checkout bags are now banned in some of the nation’s largest cities. In June 2013, Los Angeles became the largest city in the nation to ban plastic grocery bags at checkout stands. This ban will move nearly one quarter of California’s population towards using reusable cloth bags at grocery stores and supermarkets. Although previous […]

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National Geographic’s 10 Best National Parks (and what to do there)


When planning Spring Break vacation for your family, a cruise, or a week at Atlantis might seem appealing for your kids. What you may not realize is you have a vacation getaway right in your own backyard. The best part about these nearby places of paradise is that they’re inexpensive, easy, and beneficial to both […]

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Green Magazine July 2013


Table of Contents Electric cars: How they measure up Seven of the best if you’re on a budget Bosch’s new portable charging stations Find the best green cars Hydrogen cars: Sales projected to begin in 2015 ALSO: Rebounding from Katrina with aquaponics Create an egg crate garden Rock the Earth with your favorite band   […]

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Rock the Earth with your favorite band


Calling all music-lovers and concertgoers! Get to know Rock The Earth, an organization that works with the music industry and its fans on concerns over public lands, air and water. Founded in 2002, Rock The Earth is a nationwide, non-profit organization that you’ll find at some of the biggest concerts and musical festivals during the […]

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Rebounding from Katrina


Taking Back A Community The nearly 8,000 Vietnamese concentrated in a one-mile radius in New Orleans East were already suffering from high levels of poverty and unemployment when Hurricane Katrina hit. Residents of these fishing communities fled following the storm, and many of the residents from the areas hardest hit have yet to return. Driving […]

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Making waste management colorfully easy


Clean Vibes is dedicated to responsible on-site waste management of outdoor festivals and events. The benefits are clean and aesthetically pleasing wastebaskets that make you feel good about sorting your trash before dumping it. This is such a simple solution, and all you’ve got to do is read the signs to reduce your environmental impact. […]

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Create an egg crate garden


For Kids – Have your kids make their own egg crate garden! Keep the shells from a 12-pack of eggs and place the bottom halves back in the crate. Fill with soil and seeds. Your children now have a zero-cost and sustainable activity that can be maintained for some time. (No iMac, iPad or iPhone […]

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