About Us


Want to go green? Or at least be a bit greener? Does either option leave you feeling overwhelmed? Not to fear—you don’t have to make a 100% change in your lifestyle to join the green movement.

Green Magazine is introducing the Fifty Shades Of Green – your guide to “going green” at the pace and speed of your choosing, designed to fit your life. Here we encourage simple, sustainable alternatives for those costly and unnecessary habits. We emphasize the importance of “baby steps” rather than a total reconstruction of our comfortable lifestyles. “Going green” can be as easy as reading (and learning) about what the term really means, and Green Magazine is the place for you to get started.  What type of green are you?:

MINT GREEN – You have a recycling bin at home and just purchased 10-cent reusable grocery bags.

LIME GREEN – You just bought a Tesla; zoom, zoom.

EMERALD GREEN – You recycle, garden, and just installed solar panels. You only take the SUV on ski trips. Otherwise, you drive the Prius.

EVERGREEN – You ride a bike to work every day, wear clothes made from hemp, garden your own vegetables, and compost all food waste.

Whatever your type, we have the news you need to meet your goals.